Assorted Pictures of Jadyn – THE FIRST TWO YEARS!


Be sure to click on the photos to get the big version!



SPRING 2002 – She’s still very small, but quickly gaining weight.  She went from being teenie, fitting into daddy’s hand, to being right in there at the 50 percentile weight ranking!  We also discovered that she had a very cool smile, and loved to use it!  Check out the hand-holding during a nap.


SUMMER 2002 – Yep, she’s plumpish now… making up for her weeks of being small!  We took a trip to OKC to visit the Doss family, and aunt Charlotte gets a chance to snatch her from her parents grip.




FALL 2002 – Football season is in the air, and going to the Ingram games to watch daddy’s band is a family adventure.  Not yet crawling, she really likes to sit and jump in her bouncy chair, and sits upright in her playpen.


HOLIDAYS 2002 – Jessica’s 4th birthday, and Jadyn is right there with her sis (see the big grin?)  A trip to Wally-world for the Christmas photos yields another interesting smile. Jadyn shows where she gets her incredible looks, obviously NOT from her daddy!




THE NEW YEAR 2003 – Jadyn is beginning to get around on all fours, but finds that she really likes to stand up.  She has lots of things to keep her interest, but is really getting into eating real food, as you can see!



SPRING & BIRTHDAY ONE! – As she closed in on her first birthday, quite a few changes were happening: she was becoming independent and doing more on her own.


SUMMER 2003 – Jadyn walks! She also learns how to move a trike around… and it’s the perfect time to take some bluebonnet pictures!




FALL 2003 – Fries are the food of choice! Halloween brings humiliation in a Honey Pot, she begins to get the hang of the piano and we venture out to the beach in November…



…which is almost WINTER 2003!  Jadyn continues her rapid growth and grasp of many new words.  She very much enjoys her second Christmas. Hard to believe she once fitt in the palm of my hand - #2 above.


SPRING 2004 – Man is she growing in both size AND personality!  A view of her funny hat look, a zoo visit, and just another day in the play room!




There’s more to come…