Not too long ago, some considered these masterpieces as 'ugly' room decor in my office... but I rather consider them to be trophies of friendship and love.  And so... even though these aren't on the original 'ugly' brown cabinet doors, I've tried to put them back as close to the original order as possible.  Click on the 1/4 thumbnail to see the original size.  Oh, and you can still add to the wall! wof.gif (4043 bytes)
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wall10.gif (199164 bytes) wall03.gif (221209 bytes)
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wall06b.gif (57287 bytes) wall11a.gif (152269 bytes) wall02b.gif (202375 bytes)
     wall09b.gif (44054 bytes) wall06d.gif (66716 bytes) wall08a.gif (19748 bytes) wall08b.gif (25333 bytes)
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     wall09a.gif (48796 bytes)   wall08f.gif (48013 bytes) wall08e.gif (28930 bytes)

You too can join the hall-of-famers... just get it to me and I'll throw it in!!  Soon there'll be a Senior Picture section... as soon as I can find all the pictures!

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