Man-made Global Warming is a HOAX!!  By Don Doss


This work was originally a 66 page word document but for the internet I’ve split it into 6 web pages – it was generated after my daughters were introduced to the Gore movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  Even before viewing it, I knew it would be full of crap knowing where it was coming from.  But never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that it was so brazen and full of total lies and half-truths.  The thing that really gets to me is the fact that many people believe this garbage without even a moment of thought that it might be tainted or skewed a certain direction!  Rational thinking and a few facts remembered from High School science classes can take care of most of the outright lies… and the fact is that many people either don’t think rationally anymore, or the science they received in school wasn’t real science!


I watched the movie, actually recorded it and watched parts of it several times just to make sure I heard it right!  I made 92 notes of statements that sounded suspicious.  Over the last two years I have spent time trying to find the truth about each of these 92 items.  Some of them I just didn’t have time to complete or couldn’t find any info on.  I had thought about creating a DVD in response to the movie, but just doing this was taking enough time!


Before I get into this, I need to tell you that the information that is out there on Global Warming is enormous.  ALL of these articles, quotes, papers, budgets, financial reports and journals are available on the internet and are readily at hand if you know where to look – and that was the time consuming part of this.  I will leave the links to each of these items if you wish to make sure I didn’t just make them up - some of them are probably inactive by now, but they DID exist when I researched the item.  I have tried to find articles and papers written by highly acclaimed scientists rather than just another news reporter or blogger or someone else saying something that someone else said, most of what I found was that kind of crap.  Probably there are some points that I couldn’t find the article or paper because the link doesn’t work anymore, so I copied it from somewhere else.


Everyone agrees that generally our earth is warming.  The disagreement comes in why it is happening and what or IF anything can be done about it. I have gone through most of these issues in depth or deep enough to understand the basic arguments, and I feel I am now much more informed than the average person on the street.  There are two main points out of the 92 listed here in which this entire movie and anthropogenic global warming (here on referred to as AGW which means human-caused global warming) are based on.  These two are the crux of this issue and I’ll deal with these first even though they’re out of order.


Table of Contents…



80.  There is a scientific consensus that AGW, or GHG pollution (greenhouse gas) is causing most of the warming in the last 50 years… and the study of 928 articles (10% sampling of all) Peer-reviewed scientific articles support it.  "Only an insignificant fraction of scientists deny the global warming crisis. The time for debate is over. The science is settled."

15.  Core samples

17.  1000 years of CO2 graph rise –

18.  650,000 years of CO2 graph “never gone above 300ppm”

19.  Relationship of CO2 to temperature… CO2 is a bad thing?

20.  “Nice day vs. mile of ice overhead”

21.  Today’s CO2 levels higher than the last 350k years

22.  “No controversy” about having 50 years to deal with GW

74.  Separating truth from fiction

75.  Warnings are accurate, based on sound science




1.  Gore’s been telling the story for a long time

2.  The movie is all about Gore

3.  Ray Nagin is “Good people in politics”?

4.  The “dark side of the moon”

5.  The “only picture of full earth”?

6.  Atmosphere so thin it’s like the “varnish on a globe”.

7.  Explanation of solar radiation not accurate.

8.  Pollution is thickening our atmosphere

9.  Sunbeams caught by polluted greenhouse gasses

10.  Harvard Prof. Roger Revelle, who Gore says started him in considering Global Warming

12.  Kilamagaro’s last sliver of glacier

13.  Columbia’s glacier… “this is what they’re seeing every day”

14.  More than half of people’s drinking water is from glacial melt waters

16.  Seeing the difference in the core samples from the Clean Air Act

24.  Gore’s son accident – current life



26.  Highest temperature levels in US

27.  10 hottest years on record, 2005 hottest of all

27a. Coldest Day in NYC and record rain in New England

28.  2003 heat wave in Europe

29.  India high temp 122of

30.  200 US cities setting record

31.  Rising ocean temperatures causing stronger storms

32.  All time tornado record

33.  Japan typhoon record

34.  South Atlantic hurricane in Brazil

35.  Katrina caused by GW

36.  There were warnings from scientists about Katrina?  How about warning from Army Corps of Engineers about levees?

37.  Winston Churchill warned of Europe “storm of a different kind” in 1930’s “We face a period of consequences”

38.  All about Gore – Supreme Court decision about presidency

39.  GW bringing high quantities of water more quickly in storms

41.  Mombai 37 inches of rain

42.  GW brings more flooding and more draught

43.  Relocation of precipitation

40.  Insurance claims “off the charts”

44.  Darfur & NigerLake Chad dryup

45.  Gore Sr. raised black angus “living from the land”

79.  Gore’s father raised tobacco

46.  Arctic has faster impact in temperature differences

47.  Ward Hunt Ice Shelf

48.  Permafrost melt causing roadway access problems

49.  Record of Arctic Ice Cap thickness from Navy?



50.  Sun hitting ice vs. water

51.  Graph… Sun hitting Artic Ice Cap – “Rays from the sun hit ice and <90% bounce back into space. As ice cap melts <90% on thermal energy is absorbed by the ocean, which heats up and melts the ice even more.”

52.  Coca-Cola Polar Bears dying because of AGW

53.  Average temp of earth changing

54.  Ocean Conveyor shutting down

55.  Europe ice age caused by conveyor stoppage

56.  Gore traveling on public airlines and taxi cabs

57.  Worms and birds not in sync due to GW

58.  Pine beetles increase due to GW

59.  Mosquitoes moving to higher altitudes

60.  30 new diseases – West Nile moving across US

61.  Coral Reef bleaching

62.  Species loss around the world – 1,000 greater than normal

63.  Larson B break up due to GW

64.  Astonished scientists 30 breakup

66.  New Zealand evacuation based on rising ocean levels



65.  Land based ice vs. floating ice – glacier ice moving into oceans

67.  Sea level rising 20 feet.

68.  Greenland is melting

69.  “Moulin” in Greenland – 1992 vs. 2002

70.  Tony Blair’s scientific advisor said maps will need to be re-drawn

71.  Sea levels rising – San Francisco, Florida, Manhattan

72.  Preparation for GW vs. preparation for terrorists????

73.  Learn from Chinese scientists, their economy is surging

76.  30% of the CO2 that goes up into the atmosphere each year is from forest burning

77.  Rise of new technology makes us a force of nature – A Bomb

78.  Frog in pot – sit and do nothing

81.  Whitehouse internal memo leaked – “Reposition GW as theory and not fact” Misconception caused by relatively small group of people

82.  Phillip Cooney – American Petroleum Institute moves to Exxon

83.  Upton Sinclair – “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”

92.  Advertising – “reduce CO2 emissions to zero”

84.  Auto standard graph – GHG emission standards

85.  Science Aug 13, 2004 Article from Stephen Pacala & Robert Socolow  Humanity already possesses the fundamental scientific, technical and industrial know how to solve the carbon and climate problems…”

86.  Political will to change?

87.  Kyoto not yet ratified

88.  Are we capable of rising above circumstances

89.  Completely bipartisan move to tear down the Communist wall

90.  We shut down the ozone hole by shutting down chemical uses?

91.  OUR ability to live on planet earth – is it really up to what WE can do??

23.  “This is really not a political issue so much as a moral issue”

25.  “The possibility of losing what was most precious to me, I gained the ability that maybe I didn’t have before, but when I felt it, I felt that we really could lose.  What we take for granted might not be here for our children”.