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The most recent video of my work at Fredericksburg UMC may be seen on this Vimeo Channel link. Seperate works from FUMC are listed below.

I have produced a DVD which has over an hour of video from some of my older work over the past years. I am compiling even more as I go back and find old tapes and VHS video or have newer clips. The DVD is available by just asking - I'll be happy to send you a copy. Below you will find individual clips from the DVD produced in Real Media. Most of these clips are older in the smallest format allowing the quickest download... they are not streamed, so be patient. If you do not have a Real Player, please go to real.com and download the FREE version, and be sure to uncheck the options regarding news and updates, etc. These may also be played in Windows Media. Just click the title and the file will automatically download and play. I have also loaded some newer .wmv video clips, but they may take more time to load.  Thanks for taking time to watch them!!

Born Is the King - December 14, 2014
Christmas presentation including a DVD track for video with live orchestra. 40+ voice choir that has MEMORIZED the music! The sound is faulty at the very beginning, so hang on a bit!

Combined Contemporary & Traditional Worship - November 24, 2013
For the culmination of our Healthy Church INitiative process. Praise team leads with "Hosanna Praise is Rising", "Let God Arise", and "How Great is Our God", and the Chancel Choir sings "Come Dwell in Solomon's Walls"

The Lord's Supper by John Michael Talbot - April 7, 2013
This piece was written in the 70's and utilizes a double choir, soloist and featured guitar along with a full orchestra. Many of the parts had to be rewritten from the old hand written manuscript.

Lovely Child, Holy Child, from Fredericksburg UMC Chancel Choir Christmas Presentation, December 14, 2008
We presented a very challenging Christmas concert this past year using music which we already owned in our library.  I had already decided not to spend any more money on music, so I went through and pulled out some classics and 'seasoned' choral anthems.  The choir responded very nicely to this particular piece. (wmv format 8,016 KB)
Irish Blessing: Mainstream Tribute 1995-1999
This song was written by Dr. Leroy Yarborough as Mainstream's theme song.  I recorded the choir singing this on a Christmas CD and added in some group photos from the years I directed them. (wmv format 2,263 KB) This video is also available on Facebook

Sunday Morning, December 24, 1995 at Trinity Baptist Church - Introduction to the DVD
One of my responsibilities at Trinity was to fill in for the Minister of Music periodically. During these times I chose the hymns and the songs that the Choir would sing. This was a Christmas Eve morning worship time where some of the youth choir filled in missing seats within the Adult Choir. The choir sings a Christmas favorite, Ron Huff's arrangement of "The Jesus Gift."

National Anthem at the Florida Marlins, June 24, 1996

Every summer the High School choir, Mainstream, took a 2 week mission trip to some location within the U.S. The year we traveled to Miami and did some work with inner-city ministries. One evening we traveled north to sing the National Anthem for a major league baseball game between the Marlins and the Giants, which would turn out to be a prelude to the the World Series. This arrangement was written by me for this choir. This video also available on Facebook.

"Celebrating Jesus", December 1993 - Reflections Middle School Choir
Nearly every year of my ten at Trinity I led one or both of the youth choirs in a presentation happening within the Living Christmas Tree production. Most of the time, I arranged choral parts, wrote the orchestration, and directed the choir and orchestra during the performance. This piece is a re-arrangement of a Carmen tune specifically for this venue.

"Now You Are the Light", June 26, 1996 - Reflections Choir Musical
Following the week long mission trip of the Middle School Choir to Alamo Texas, we returned to present the original musical to our home church. The musical was written by myself with some help from the youth interns. While I was at Trinity, I composed some 5 different original full length musicals for the middle school choir that were intended to speak to them as they grew in discipleship. This particular musical was written to address the reality of spiritual warfare going on around us that we can't see.

"My Tribute", January 23, 1994 - Trinity Orchestra
Another one of my responsibilities was to create an ongoing orchestra program at Trinity. I instituted a weekly orchestra into the morning worship where there had been only instruments on special programs, and this was taped after 4 years of work growing the group. This arrangement was written by Camp Kirkland and shows a big band styling of this well-known tune. I might also note that the orchestra was forced to play up in the balcony because no room was made for them in the chancel area. This video is also available through Facebook.

"The Rock", October 27, 1996 - High School Choir, Mainstream
I was given responsibility to direct the High School choir halfway through my tenure at Trinity. The choir had about 20 members the year before I took over, and this video was taped the beginning of my second year with Mainstream. This video is also available on Facebook.

Living Christmas Tree Pre-Music, December 1996 - Mainstream Choir
Mainstream was asked to provide 'pre-tree' entertainment several years, and this was the first attempt. The choir splits between 'cheerleaders' in the audience, and leaders on stage. Watch toward the end as the camera pans the audience. With an audience of around 2,000, Mainstream does an excellent job of keeping the crowd occupied singing - "We're On Our Way to Grandma's."

"Cross Culture" Mission Sunday, July 5, 1998 - Mainstream & Friends
Our pastor asked the staff of Trinity earlier in the year to plan on not taking the normal international trips and concentrate on staying in San Antonio and working at home. I conceived and directed a mission emphasis using the youth groups that we had gone to work with on previous years, inviting them to come to SA and help us in a huge mission effort to south side SA churches. Between the 8 different youth groups that came to help, we worked in 11 different congregations supplying help with VBS, Backyard Bible Club, sports camps, and youth discipleship. While doing all of that, the groups also learned a new musical/drama written by the leaders of Mainstream under my supervision. I arranged the songs mostly written by our kids, and added the orchestrations. This is the last time together in our Sunday morning worship time. Oh, and by the way - the other ministries at Trinity went ahead and did their Europe, Canada and Hawaii trips. This video is also available on Facebook.

Easter Music, 2002 - St. Paul's Methodist Church or Kerrville
I served St. Paul for two years part-time, choosing the hymns for worship and directing the adult choir as well as leading the contemporary service. This is a compilation of three different services - Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday (The Last Supper drama), and Easter morning.

Contemporary Worship, Fall 2004 - St. Mark Presbyterian Church of Boerne
While serving St. mark, the contemporary service grew from around 50 to over 100 in worship, several times surpassing the traditional congregation. I was blessed to always have willing and talented adults and students that wished to join in the celebration of praise and worship. We mostly sang from CCLI's top 100 list, trying to sing a hymn in a 'praise' style every so often.

"God's Top Ten", Summer 2004 - Children's Music Camp
St. Mark has used the summer camp format to encourage children to sing in the Children's Choir. I chose this musical based on the recent uproar to posting the Ten Commandments in public places giving this quite a bit of public interest. There is not written drama that correlates to this music, so I wrote a simple drama that works around the idea of a group of archeologist students digging in the Holy Land uncovering a huge stone tablet with the commandments on it. This performance was done on a Saturday night performance.

Christmas Choral Concert, 2004 - St. Mark Presbyterian Church
This is a short excerpt from the 2004 Christmas Concert. I incorporated local church and professional instrumentalists to accompany the choir in a chronological look a Christmas through the Ages.

Contemporary Worship, Fall 2005 - St. Mark Presbyterian Church of Boerne
In keeping with the process of trying to stay up with the most contemporary songs, I arranged this version of "God is Great" which turned out to be a worshipper's favorite. This Sunday we happened to be missing a few of the adult vocalists, so we had to draw on our students to fill in the holes and sing.

Christmas Eve Service 2005 - Don, Jessica & Jadyn sing "Happy Birthday, Jesus"
This is the first public appearance of Jadyn and Jessica singing. I chose this piece because of it's simplicity, and that it was written with children in mind. This was presented at the Christmas Eve Service at St. Mark Presbyterian Church of Boerne, TX.

Final Words and Family Introduction
Thank you so much for taking the time to look through this material. Pleas contact me if you have any additional questions or wish to see this material in MUCH better quality via DVD. God bless!